Flowtite® maintenance

Flowtite® has the distinct advantage over ferrous pipe materials of being extremely resistant to corrosion, both from inside corrosives and outside soil chemistry and temperature factors. For this reason, maintenance and operating costs are distinctly lower, as are overall life-cycle costs.

When maintenance is required, Flowtite® is easy to work with.

Because it can be hot-tapped, Flowtite® minimizes the need for costly service interruptions. Its relative low weight makes it easy to transport and handle on-site. Pipes can be joined together simply by relatively small crews, and joint repairs, when necessary, can be easily completed using fiberglass lamination techniques.


This method of connecting to an existing pressure pipe without costly or inconvenient interruption of flow can significantly reduce the cost of pipe maintenance or enhancement.

Flowtite standard outer dimensions (OD) of Flowtite® pipe is compatible with ductile iron pipe standards thru 64″. Flowtite® is highly suitable for hot-tapping.


Create strong pipe joints using a simple lamination process, as shown in this demo:

Joining Pipe