Pipeline Services

Pressure Pipeline Services.
Yeah, we do that too.

Call day or night for pressure pipeline assistance.
Thompson Pipe Group offers quick access to expertise, tools and parts.


Our certified engineers are active in professional organizations:

They have unparalleled knowledge in pressure pipe design, installation and maintenance. Custom solutions are designed for each unique demand.



We don’t guess, we know.

From the roaring twenties to present day, Thompson Pipe Group has a database of scanned and native electronic files for nearly 80 percent of the country’s large diameter concrete pressure pipe installations. Layout and detail drawings, and specification sheets are available for Thompson projects. Job files are on hand for nearly a dozen manufacturers.


Thompson Pipe Group is the one-stop-shop:
  • Tapping
  • Emergency pipeline closures
  • Repair saddles and clamps
  • Pipe spool replacement
  • Slip lining with steel pipe or split cans
  • Third-party oversight and partnership
  • Parts available for same-day shipping

Certified by Lloyd’s Register to ACPPA and SPFA quality programs


Have questions about a repair or future project? Complete the form below and an engineer will contact you within one-business day. If this is an emergency, call 877-853-0130. Depending on your situation, you may receive our Field Modification Guide, videos, pictures and other helpful information.

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    Hot, dry and emergency taps provided for all water and sewer pipes.


    We inspect the uninspected.

    Visual pipeline inspections identify joint types,damage, and repair options.

    • Joint inspection
    • Concrete pipe mortar inspection
    • Examination of prestressing wires
    • Internal inspection during line shutdowns
    • Sampling of lining, joints and steel
    • A comprehensive report of the inspection findings

    Thompson Pipe Group manufactures and repairs:
    • Bar-Wrapped Cylinder Concrete Pipe (AWWA C303, or CCP, P-303 Pretensioned Concrete Cylinder Pipe, Concrete Cylinder or B-303 pipe)
    • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
    • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Mortar (FRPM)
    • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
    • Prestressed, Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, PCCP
    • Prestressed Concrete Lined Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C301, L-301, E-301 or SP-5)
    • Prestressed Concrete Embedded Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C301, E-301 or SP-12)
    • Prestressed Concrete Noncylinder Pipe (NC-301, SP-23, SP-28, or SP-31)
    • Polymer pipe
    • Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C300, V-300, SP-3, ASTM C76, ASTM C655 or AASHTO M170)
    • Reinforced Concrete Noncylinder Pipe (C302, SP-1, SP-25, SP-32, ASTM C361)
    • Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipe (RPMP)
    • Steel Pipe (S-200)

    Don’t see your pipe? Pipes can have multiple names. Call us and we’ll discuss a solution.