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Doing a pipeline job the right way starts with having all the right information. But figuring out what’s going on under the surface takes more than an educated guess. Often, projects involve tying into existing pipe that was laid decades ago. The original engineers and contractors may have retired, and it’s costly to hire someone to investigate and diagram the layout of the existing system. Frankly, it’s also a waste of time and money to try to handle this yourself. Chances are high that we have all the information you need in our extensive records. We have data on millions of linear feet of concrete pressure pipe in our market areas. And we encourage you to take advantage of this resource for accurate and timely research before attempting repairs or new construction.

Tie into our expertise for your pipeline project.

We supply pressure pipe repair materials and specialized services to fix or improve existing concrete pressure pipelines as part of planned maintenance or emergency repairs. Here are a few of our commonly requested services:

  • Engineering records for existing projects to ensure proper planning and minimize surprises.
  • Visual condition assessment to identify pipe type, joint type and gender, damage and repair options.
  • Modifications to concrete pressure pipelines using compatible materials and ensuring total system integrity.
  • Repairs to concrete pressure pipelines, including 24/7 response for emergency repairs when you need pipe on-site within hours of notification.
  • Tapping/linestopping for pressure pipelines — keeping service to your customers uninterrupted during alterations, relocation, extensions, addition or repairs.

Doing the right thing really does pay off.

It’s a simple philosophy: Pipeline construction should be built to last. While other contractors may focus on a quick fix of dubious quality, our aim is to get the job done correctly. This intelligent approach reduces the need for additional work and expense down the line.

Because we keep materials in stock, the time to complete your project is shorter, and our products are backed by warranties from the OEM, reducing your risk. And of course, we’re also happy to review your piping system and make recommendations for inspection, repair and possible stocking of repair material by the owner. In these situations, a little expert advice goes a long way to minimizing costs and frustration.

ASAP or down the road. No worries, it’s in the pipeline.

A few 24/7 Emergency assistance phone numbers to keep at the ready should you be in need along with our standard finished pipe dimensions:


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