How Is TPG FRP Made?

Flowtite® USA Manufacturing

TPG FRP is made using the continuous advancing mandrel (filament wound) process, the next-generation manufacturing method for glass-reinforced pipe production. It’s a compressed laminate made from glass fiber, resin, and sand, applied to a neutral axis using a dual-resin delivery system. A sand fortifier provides additional stiffness by adding extra thickness. Using the filament winding process, other materials such as a polyester or glass veil can be used to further enhance the abrasion and chemical resistance of the pipe.

  • Long service life, with no need for additional corrosion protection or maintenance cost
  • Lightweight, long lengths for economical transportation, ease of handling and installation efficiency
  • Tight joints and easy-to-assemble couplings with REKA® gaskets
  • Extremely smooth inside surface for superior hydraulic characteristics and low pumping costs
  • Outside diameters compatible with ductile iron standard saddles, fittings couplings and joints