Flowtite® Worldwide & References

Flowtite® production facilities worldwide

Thompson Pipe Group – Flowtite is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Flowtite® fiberglass products in the United States and Canada. As such, we’re part of a global family of 22 different Flowtite® production facilities worldwide.


  • Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Ltd. – Saudi Arabia
  • Amiantit Fiberglass Egypt Co. Ltd.
  • Amiantit Fiberglass Industries India Ltd.
  • Amitech Germany GmbH
  • Amitech Poland Sp
  • Amitech Saudi Arabia Ltd.
  • Amitech South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.
  • Amitech Spain SA
  • Amitech Morocco
  • Amitech Algeria
  • Amitech Astana LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Amitech Rossi (Russia)
  • Amitech Qatar
  • Dubai Pipe Factory Co. Ltd.
  • Subor Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret AS – Turkey
  • Subor Gap Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret AS – Turkey
  • Fibrelogic Pipe Systems Pty. Ltd. – Australia
  • O-TEK Argentina SA (Inversiones Mundial [IMSA])
  • O-TEK Mexico SA DE CV (Inversiones Mundial [IMSA])
  • Flowtite Andercol (O-TEK of Inversiones Mundial [IMSA]) – Colombia

Flowtite Locations Worldwide


Please search our database of worldwide references to find relevant examples of installations for different applications using different materials and other variables.

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