Flow-Crete™ is a first-in-class composite pipe designed to meet the strict requirements of jacking and microtunneling installations for both pressure water and sewer applications. It combines the compressive strength of reinforced concrete with the corrosion resistance and pressure capabilities of TPG FRP.

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This composite pipe incorporates an outer load-bearing wall of reinforced concrete and an inner TPG fiberglass reinforced liner pipe. The wall thickness of the RCP is designed to accommodate the jacking loads and distances under consideration and the dimensions of the equipment used in the jacking process. The TPG FRP liner is built to withstand the required internal pressure and the corrosive environment of sanitary sewers and similar environments. Flow-Crete™ is supplied with grout injection ports. To distribute jacking forces, the pipe is compatible with standard wooden packers and hydraulic compression rings, when required.

  • Flow-Crete™ is manufactured under the strictest quality controls.
  • Computer-controlled batching maintains consistency and provides uniform jacking loads for each pipe.
  • Higher compressive strength mixes can be formulated to increase the allowable jacking forces, which provides the ability for longer drives.
  • The TPG FRP pressure joint system is cast inside the Flow-Crete™ creating a pressure-rated, microtunneling pipe.
  • Flow-Crete™ is designed and manufactured to each customer specification and project.