meyer polycrete


Meyer Product Description/Range

Polycrete polymer concrete pipe is a composite material consisting of polyester resin, quartz sand, silicate aggregate and quartz filler. As portland cement performs poorly in an acidic environment, it is not used as a binding agent. Polycrete polymer concrete pipe uses a polyester resin to bond the kiln-dried silicate aggregate, thereby creating dense, corrosion-resistant matrix. For special industrial applications where added chemical resistance may be required, Polycrete can be produced using a vinyl ester resin.

Polymer concrete pipe is produced using a vertical casting process, very similar to concrete pipe. Exact amounts of the materials are pre-mixed, with the raw material quantities, mixing sequence and material feeds controlled by a computer. Then, the mixed material is loaded into vertical molds where vibratory compaction is used to ensure a dense, void-free composite structure.

Our range of standard diameters in inch:
18 • 21 • 24 • 27 • 30 • 36 • 42
45 • 48 • 54 • 60 • 72 • 84 • 96

Meyer Product Quality and Standards

Polycrete pipe is manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D6783 Standard Specification for Polymer Concrete Pipe. This specification was developed using the German DIN Standard 54815-1,2 Pipes Made of Filled Polyester Resin Molding Materials, as a guide. Like many of ASTM’s product standards, this specification for polymer concrete pipe adopted some of the performance requirements and test methods established for reinforced concrete sewer pipe (e.g. D-loads and three-edge bearing tests) as well as glass-reinforced plastic pipes (e.g. chemical resistance under load). Meyer Polymer concrete pipe is designed to meet all of the standards listed below.

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