Bar-wrapped Concrete
Cylinder Pipe (AWWA C303)

Available in diameters from 10″ to 72″ in standard lengths of 20′- 40′.

First offered in the early 1940s, bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe (C303) consists of a welded steel cylinder with steel joint rings at each end, an internal concrete or mortar lining, a spiral-wrapped reinforcing bar around the outside of the steel cylinder and an external coating of Portland cement mortar.

Thompson Pipe Group’s bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance and durability of concrete. Bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is manufactured in accordance with AWWA C303 Standard and is designed in accordance with AWWA Manual M9.

C303 is manufactured using a welded steel cylinder with sized, welded steel joint rings attached. The pipe interior is lined with centrifugally applied mortar or concrete. A steel bar is helically wound tightly around the outside of the cylinder and securely welded to the steel joint rings. A coating of cement-rich dense mortar is applied to the cylinder and bar wrap. The mortar coating on the pipe creates a passivating alkaline environment that protects the steel cylinder, joint rings and bar from corrosion.

Pressure Bar-Wrapped

C303 Features

In addition to reliable performance, C303 offers system owners several benefits, including cost-efficiency in terms of materials, handling and installation. A major feature of C303 pipe is its lighter-weight offering — an advantage in shipping, handling and installation. C303 also offers rugged durability, minimal maintenance and long service life, and that all adds up to excellent value for your pipeline investment.

C303 is considered to be a modified version of mortar-lined and coated steel pipe. However, the thicker mortar or concrete lining coupled with the superior bonding between the mortar coating and the bar wrap results in a stiffer pipe more resistant to the effects of external loading.

  • Ease of Installation & Economical – C303 pipe is installed in less time on-site. Because it is a semi-rigid conduit, C303 requires less stringent bedding and/or backfilling under normal ground conditions than other water-main pipe materials.
  • Designed for Project Requirements – C303 is custom-designed for each project. Each section of pipe and fitting can be fabricated to meet the project specific requirements in regards to internal pressure and external loading.
  • Corrosion Protection– C303 provides built-in corrosion protection. The high pH, alkaline environment provided by the Portland cement concrete and mortar provides an electrochemical protection against corrosion for the encased steel components. This is far superior to barrier-type protection offered by polyethylene encasements, tape wraps and paint.
  • Typical C303 Applications

    Transmission/feeder main (open-cut and tunnel)

    Distribution pipelines

    Treatment facility – yard and/or process piping

    Water and/or wastewater intakes / outfalls (subaqueous pipelines)

    Sanitary force mains and trunk gravity lines

    Cooling water system pipelines

    Power and industrial plant piping