Storm & Drainage

The mother of all storm and drainage systems takes on Mother Nature.

We’ve got the drainage systems to take on the most epic of weather conditions. Our drainage system design addresses the needs of the traveling public and those of the local community with ease. Even for complexities like wide roadway sections, flat grades, longitudinal and transverse directions, or shallow water courses, you can count on Thompson to think of everything weather can hurl at it.

When choosing a material, you’ll want to weigh key elements such as: the lifecycle of your design, adequate capacity for now and future development, minimization of traffic, and even coordination with the proposed staging of large construction projects.

drainage systems by TPG USA

Thompson Pipe Group’s roots as a utility contractor help us to better partner with owners, engineers and contractors like yourself which sets a new bar for infrastructure manufacturers. Our background offers a unique understanding of these considerations and the complexities you must account for in your work. We don’t just speak your language, we have a complex understanding of your challenges and needs and the best product and designs to meet those demands head on.

Our wide range of materials for you to choose from coupled with the technical and support services you need to smoothly manage your job from design to completion is what sets Thompson apart from other manufacturers.