Sliplining away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re…

So maybe that wasn’t quite how the song went. Sliplining is an excellent solution for rehabilitation of gravity sewer application. It’s completed by installing a smaller, carrier pipe into the larger host pipe and grouting the annular space between the two to fix a leak. By using Flowtite FRP as the carrier pipe, you have the option to jack the pipe in a trenchless application to minimize disruption. Custom diameters allow for maintaining maximum flow capability, and custom joint lengths can reduce the number of installation pits minimizing installation time. FRP is corrosion resistant too.

TPG Pipeline Services

What makes Flowtite® just right?

Sure, there are other options. But they can be expensive, more dangerous, or have limitations regarding diameter that you simply don’t find with Flowtite®. Thompson’s Flowtite® technology creates the optimum pipe size to match the inside diameter of an existing pipeline. This provides maximum flow capabilities with ease of installation.

Thompson’s readily available, variable lengths (standard length 10, 20 or 40 feet) also reduces installation time. And that means lower installation costs and less down-time for the pipeline that’s being rehabilitated.

As always, our roots as a utility contractor enable us to partner with owners, engineers and contractors like you. That ups the ante for other manufacturers. We understand all the considerations and the complexities you must account for in your work and we pride ourselves on always being here to help.

From design to completion, you’ll find our wide range of materials coupled with our vast knowledge of technical and support services, offers all you need to smoothly manage your job.

Pipeline Services

At Thompson Pipe Group, our knowledge of pipelines goes a really long way. That’s in both distance and time. In fact, we’ve got records in our files for millions of linear feet of PCCP and steel. Some of that pipe dates back all the way to the 1940s. You can rely on this accurate information for the insight you need to tie new additions into an existing line. Of course, whether a job entails building out new pipe, adding valves, or hot tapping into a pressurized system, our team can provide the pipeline services you require to complete your project.