We know wastewater materials inside and out.

America’s aging infrastructure rests on borrowed time. There’s good reason waste water should be of prime concern. Two words: Flint, Michigan. Their water crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. No one understands that better than Thompson. In a long-term project like pipe replacement, where life span expectations exceed a century, proper material choice isn’t just important, it’s mission critical.

Balancing budget goals with minimizing social disruption is a tall order. Conditions are highly corrosive making for a deadly enemy should materials falter. Thompson offers a wide range of options matched with expertise to help you troubleshoot the most complex challenges. From coatings to cathodic protection to non-corrosive materials, we’re well adept at helping you navigate the slew of design choices. You can count on us to help you balance your budget, installation and projects goals.

wastewater infrastructure experts USA

A range of material options is one thing. The expertise to collaborate with you on the best design solution is what makes Thompson unique.

As wastewater infrastructure experts, we don’t merely give you the full view of your options, we help problem solve. That’s what sets us apart from being solely a manufacturer. We’re committed to creating a new level of support and partnership for the owners, engineers and contractors who are rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

Thompson Pipe Group’s roots as a utility contractor enable us to truly partner with owners, engineers and contractors. That sets a new bar for manufacturers. We understand these considerations and the complexities you must account for in your work and we’re here to help.

Our broad scope of materials matched with our technical and support services allows is just what you need to smoothly manage your job from design to completion.