Precast Concrete:
Fittings and Manholes

A wide variety of fittings offer options for design engineers.

At Thompson Pipe Group, our precast concrete fittings come in many shapes and sizes to fulfill the requirements of design engineers. We offer prefabricated fittings for concrete pipe from 12″ to 156” and for 3’ x 2’ to 12’ x 12’ concrete box culverts. Our customers can specify a broad range of culvert fittings, including single and double wyes, tees, bends and reducers.

All of these prefabricated concrete fittings are manufactured to our industry-leading quality standards. Design engineers appreciate the outstanding strength and superior hydraulic efficiency of our products, and our contractor customers enjoy easy, time-saving installation with our prefabricated, accurately sized concrete fittings.

Concrete manholes

Concrete manholes provide structural integrity and safe access.

Entry into storm drainage and sanitary sewer systems for maintenance and repairs is a hazardous workplace activity. Design engineers can help provide safer access to these confined spaces by specifying components with superior structural integrity. ASTM C478 governs the materials and manufacture of precast concrete manholes and ensures a high-quality finished product.

Precast concrete manholes are available in diameters ranging from 48” to 192”, and are affordable and contractor-friendly for quick installation. Precast concrete manhole sections can be designed as wet wells, junction structures for pipe and box culverts, and vaults for water valves.