Pressure: Welded Steel Pressure Pipe (S-200)

The pipe is available in diameters from 32” to 124”.

Our welded steel pressure pipe is manufactured per the AWWA C200 Standard and mortar-lined in accordance with AWWA C205 for maximum durability. It’s available with either a polyurethane coating (per AWWA C222) or a three-layer tape system coating (per AWWA C214). Longer lengths (up to 50 feet) result in fewer joints and faster installation.

Welded steel pipe is designed for internal pressure using the hoop stress formula. For external loads and as a flexible pipe, steel pipe is designed using the Iowa equation to estimate and limit pipe deflection. For handling purposes, minimum wall thickness should be considered to ensure limited deflection and damage during pipe handling.

Steel pipe is designed in accordance with AWWA Manual M11. The basis of the design provides a safety factor comparable to other waterworks pipe materials for normal service conditions and surge or water hammer. The stress in the steel components at working pressure is limited to one half the yield strength of the steel.

Welded Steel Pressure Pipe USA

The methods used for producing steel pipe were introduced in the early 1850s and have evolved into the modern processes we use today.


  • High-tensile strength
  • Highly adaptable to project requirements
  • Range of corrosion protection systems
  • Wide range of diameters and wall thickness
  • Increased flow coefficient for excellent hydraulic performance

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter weight and longer laying lengths result in fewer joints and faster installation
  • Pipe is adaptable in the field due to ease of cutting and field adjustment
  • Wide variety of custom fittings are available to meet special field conditions
  • Total pipeline solutions – all pipe, fittings, joints and accessories come from one source

Thompson Pipe Group offers two primary types of steel pipe joints: the rubber gasket joint and the lap-welded joint. The rubber gasket joint is Thompson Pipe Group’s standard joint for small diameter steel pipe. For larger diameter pipe, Thompson Pipe Group uses the lap-welded joint.

Typical Applications

Water transmission and distribution lines

Process lines in water and wastewater treatment plants

Industrial process lines.



Storm & drainage

storm & drainage



Trenchless Jacking

trenchless/ Jacking



Engineered composites

engineered composites

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services