10000′ FRP Force Main Means No Cathodic Protection & Faster Installation

cs_1000_1Contractor S. J. Louis Construction needed a pipe supplier for the Upper Rowlett Sanitary Sewer Force Main Project in Allen, Texas. The direct-bury and two-pass installation called for approximately 10,000 linear feet of 42” diameter pipe and fittings for straight runs, terrain and curves.

Residential construction time was limited to six or seven hours a day, so it was not only important that pipes be easily and efficiently installed, but also that deliveries be made on time in order that material be available when needed. Pipe of various lengths was needed to accommodate terrain and bends. A complex combination of fittings and flanges was also required, all with the reliability that would guarantee against leakage and corrosion.


cs_1000_3_solutionFlowtite® FRP pipe was provided in 40’, 24’ and 16’ lengths. With the Flowtite® Key-Lock restrained joint system, there was no need to thrust-block any of the fittings. All restrained joints were easily handled with the Flowtite® restrained joint system, which proved to be simple to install. Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite® provided all logistical and field service support to ensure timely and successful installation.

The product was delivered ahead of schedule, and all the usual urgencies involved in a project of this type were addressed, met and exceeded.

With test pressure of 150 psi and restrained joints with a safety factor three times higher, the pipe met and exceeded all requirements. In fact, the installed pipe passed the FIELD Hydrostatic test with zero leakage, a result that all involved—including owners, engineer and contractors—found to be impressive. In fact, one contractor representative, when asked to grade performance, gave Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite® the rating of “six out of five.”

Flowtite® FRP with restrained joints is shown again to be a superior solution, providing first-class pipes and services that stand the pressures of a tight schedule and difficult terrain. With a commitment to product and service excellence, Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite® showed how to meet and exceed all customer expectations, one pipe at a time.