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flowtite windingFlowtite® FRP’s versatility, resistance to corrosion and other qualities make it highly suitable for a variety of surface, open-cut and trenchless applications. Economical and long-lasting, it offers many advantages to owners, engineers, contractors, and the general public alike.


Flowtite® maintenanceFlowtite® has the distinct advantage over ferrous pipe materials of being extremely resistant to corrosion, both from inside corrosives and outside soil chemistry and temperature factors. For this reason, maintenance and operating costs are distinctly lower, as are overall life-cycle costs.

When maintenance is required, Flowtite® is easy to work with.

Because it can be hot-tapped, Flowtite® minimizes the need for costly service interruptions. Its relative low weight makes it easy to transport and handle on-site. Pipes can be joined together simply by relatively small crews, and joint repairs, when necessary, can be easily completed using fiberglass lamination techniques.


This method of connecting to an existing pressure pipe without costly or inconvenient interruption of flow can significantly reduce the cost of pipe maintenance or enhancement.

Flowtite standard outer dimensions (OD) of Flowtite® pipe is compatible with ductile iron pipe standards thru 64″. Flowtite® is highly suitable for hot-tapping.


Create strong pipe joints using a simple lamination process, as shown in this demo:

Joining Pipe

Flowtite® in the Field

Flowtite® Pressure Pipe

Flowtite® Pressure Pipe Burst Test and Demonstrations

Thompson Pipe Group – Flowtite demonstrates the superior performance qualities of its Flowtite FRP pipe in a live burst test.

Flowtite® Pressure Pipe Stands Up to 1375 psi in pressure test before a live crowd Thompson Pipe Group tested the performance of its Flowtite® FRP pipe in front of a group of engineers, contractors and owners to prove its superior performance in pressure applications such as water transport. The pipe withstood pressure to 1375 psi, up to nine times its operating pressure.



Denton, TX State School Interceptor

Little Blue Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant

Intermediate Pump Station and UV Disinfection Building connected using 96″, 84″, & 72″ Flowtite FRP Pressure pipe

Case Studies / White Papers

Flowtite® FRP pipes

A new design tool called AMI-TOOL is available for static calculation of Flowtite® FRP pipes, based on the AWWA M45 (Fiberglass Pipe Design Manual). This manual provides design engineers with a valuable resource when preparing plans and specifications for fiberglass pipe projects.

Thompson Pipe Group – Flowtite invites to you to apply for a free software license for AMI-TOOL, which can be downloaded for online or offline use.
Check out the AMI-TOOL right here →

Static calculations for buried pipe:

  • Per M45 Fiberglass Pipe (AWWA M45, 3rd Edition2013)
  • Per A127 Fiberglass Pipe (ATV-DVWK A 127, 3rd Edition, 2000-08)

Hydraulic calculation:

  • Hydraulic calculation, flow and head loss (beta)

Thrust block calculation:

  • Per GW 310 and CIRIA 128 standards

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